LASA in Downtown L.A.

LASA kicked off 2018 in downtown Los Angeles at the public library. Hovering at the half-way point in our LASA year, we spent time thinking about the questions LASA students have answers for and those that remain. The list is impressive: How might be address lack of cohesion of LA neighborhoods – what causes the sectionalism/gentrification? What are LA’s plans to address homelessness – what are the successful strategies other cities have utilized? What is the environmental impact infrastructure in LA related to sewage, air pollution, and waste? Students presented their questions and strategies for pathways towards answers. And Bill, Elizabeth, and Taryn are now restructuring LASA’s March session to address two of the questions.

Dr. Belinda Waltman, Medical Director of Whole Person Care Los Angeles, joined LASA to discuss her work with healthcare and LA’s highly vulnerable populations. Her experiences with homeless patients who rotated in and out of the ER and then transitioned to better care via a Community Health Worker touched LASA’s students. Thanks to Dr. Waltman for answering all of the terrific questions the students posed and for sharing lunch with us.

After lunch, Los Angeles Times architectural critic Christopher Hawthorne led LASA on a captivating walking tour of Bunker Hill. LASA student Jeimy shared, “It was pretty cool because I got to see things I’ve never once seen. I’m usually at Downtown LA a lot when I come with my mom and the fact that I’ve never seen any of the things I seen that day was nice to see. Overall, I got to see things that I never even knew existed.” LASA contemplated the personalities of buildings and the waves of imagining the possibilities of this space. LASA departed from the library with new eyes for seeing LA and the city’s people.