LASA Says Hello to Elizabeth Logan and Taryn Haydostian

In our personnel transition leading up to LASA 2016-2017, we welcome two new and energetic people: Elizabeth Logan and Taryn Haydostian.  Elizabeth, holder of both JD and Ph.D. degrees, is a cultural historian of the American West.  She is also currently a Preceptor Instructor in American History at USC, and is partnered as well with Bill Deverell and the Huntington’s Dan Lewis on a fourth grade curriculum project addressing the history of California for our state’s ten year olds.  Known to many of you already, Taryn is Administrative Director of the Institute on California and the West, and an artist whose major medium is photography.  Together, Elizabeth and Taryn will add much to the LASA team and LASA vision, and we are thrilled to bring them aboard as we ramp up another year of fun and learning with LASA’s high school participants.