Sports and Entertainment


For our April LASA meeting, we converged on Dodger Stadium for a fun and informative tour.  We had no idea that Dodger Stadium was as big as it is, from the inside.  We were shown to various nooks and crannies, including the original visiting-team locker room (built in 1962, which may or may not be the year that one of the LASA directors was born).  We saw Golden Gloves and batting titles.  We learned of the Dodgers’ history in the neighborhood, learned some Dodger trivia, and thoroughly enjoyed being behind the scenes at this iconic symbol of baseball and LA.  From there, we continued our icons tour by eating at Philippe’s near Union Station, a famous haunt of LA politicians and movers and shakers for a century.  At Philippe’s, Alex Stein took us through some of Joan Didion’s views and pronouncements on Southern California weather and culture.  We then zipped over to the GRAMMY Museum for the rest of the afternoon.  LASA participants perused musical memorabilia from across multiple genres, we practiced our guitar and drum work, and Doug Smith got to explain to the students who Ringo Starr is and why he’s important.  A stroll back to the Central Library ended our day.